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Standard Mats are the thinnest and easiest to install.

Standard Mats are only 1/8” thick and eliminates the need to configure the heating wires during installation. Standard Mats come in over 70 sizes of squares and rectangles of various dimensions. Simply pick the size of the mat(s) that fits the desired heating area. Because the heating wire is embedded in the Standard Mat and does not need to be configured during installation, the heat coverage is guaranteed to be consistent throughout the desired heating area.

Nuheat Standard Mat 7Ft. Wide 240 Volt (Special Order)

  • Material:  

    Consist of a single-conductor tinned copper braided heating wire sandwiched in a pre-configured pattern between durable, two porous layers of fabric

  • Operating Voltage: 

    120 V, 208 V, and 240 V

  • Power Output: 

    12 watts per square foot

  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature: 

    194°F (90°C) 

  • ​Heating Cable: 

    Single wire with ground braid outer layer

  • Cold Lead: 

    2-wire, 18 AWG plus ground braid layer; 10 ft (3m) length