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Attach ice dam heat tape to your roof without using penetrating fasteners (nails, screws, etc.). Sometimes putting holes through your asphalt shingles will void your roofs warranty. These situations require a solution free of such penetrations to secure your ice dam heat tape, while keeping it securely attached to your roof. The GripClip is the answer.

  • 25 GripClips per Box
  • No Tools Required to Install
  • Made of weather resistant high-quality aluminum
  • Available in 3 Grip thicknesses for different roofing material
    (.325″, .625″, .875″) – .325″ fits 95% of all asphalt shingles sold in North America
  • Requires less clips in most configurations

Grip Clips 25-Pack – Ice Dam Heat Tape Clips

SKU: IDC-GPA-A-325-25
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