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6 Watt Pre-Assembled Self-Regulating Cable For Roof And Gutter and Pipe Freeze Protection


These heating cables provide, roofs and gutter systems protection from damage due to freezing, and can be used in residential and commercial applications. The cables automatically adjust heat output according to the ambient temperature conditions. Under cooler conditions the heat output increases, and as the temperature rises the output decreases to save on energy. The cables are available in various pre-assembled lengths.


  • Comes in pre-cut lengths, sealed with cap and plug(120V only)
  • Suitable for plastic or metal gutters and downspouts.
  • Suitable for roofs shingled and metal.
  • Will not overheat if overlapped.
  • Maximum length is 125 Feet


Self-regulating cable uses two parallel bus wires which carry electricity but do not create heat. They are encased in a semi-conductive polymer. The cables are extruded and then irradiated to cross-link the polymer and hold the shape. This polymer is loaded with carbon particles which conduct electricity between the bus wires. As the polymer core warms, it expands and the carbon particles spread apart reducing electrical paths and therefore current flow.

6TLC1-TP-PA 120V 6W Roof & Gutter and Pipe Freeze Protection

PriceFrom $103.50
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