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#22 AWG 6 Conductor Shielded 300V for use with the CDP-2, DS-5, DS-9C


High quality cabling is a major player in the reliability game. Allow us to provide low cost solutions for your sensor-to-remote panel cabling requirements. We stock 50 foot (CS-50), 100 foot (CS-100), and 200 foot (CS-200) rolls of sensor-to-remote interconnect cabling. This cable features foil shielding to improve noise immunity, and tinned, stranded leads to reduce corrosion and assure good connections long term. Don't take a chance with telephone wire, CAT5 cable, thermostat wire or similar. Use the cable that ensures integrity. Buy CS cable sets.

CS-50/100/200 Extension For CDP-2/DS

SKU: CS-50/100/200 Extension
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